How many times have you tasted a delicious wine and thought: I wonder who is making this amazing wine, how does he/she do it? Well, now you will have the chance to meet the winemaker in our exclusive wine tour. 

Imagine going to see your favorite band and having the chance to go backstage to meet the whole group. Picture yourself talking to them and asking them all those questions you always wanted to. For wine lovers, this is pretty much it; except that you will have the chance to share some glasses of wine with them as well.

Meet the Winemakers is about going to the source. No guides, no speeches, no show. Just you and him/her, walking around the fieldwork, checking tanks, tasting from barrels, getting the most realistic wine experience you will find.

It doesn’t matter how much you know about wines (what better way of learning about wines than from a winemaker, right?), what matters is how much you love it.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience with the people whose hands, brains and hearts make the whole world enjoy every single day.

  • Visit 2 different wineries and meet 2 different winemakers.
  • Enjoy a 3rd winery lunch with a winemaker
  • Talk to them while you tour around the winery.
  • Taste unfinished wines from tanks and barrels with the Winemakers.
  • From the entry levels to the top range. Learn from an expert about all aspects of wine production and how this affects the style and taste of the wine.
  • Experience an exquisite 5 courses lunch, within a winery. Each course is designed to be paired with a wine that is perfect for the cuisine.

Price: US$ 240
Cash 10% off!

Rates include your wine tour guide; private transportation (including to and from your accommodation); private wine tastings in 2 wineries; a gourmet, 5-course lunch with wine, with a winemaker. Minimun 2 pax.

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