The most important activity of this Province reaches its key moment.

From March on, Mendoza gets into the most significant part of the year. The end of the summer and the beginning of the fall are the wakeup call for the harvesters.

Around 1300 wineries get ready every year to welcome the harvest time in Mendoza. From the smallest grape producers to the vast and large corporations, Mendoza finds at the end of the summer and most of the fall a nonstop period of hard work, in where wineries work 24/7 in 3, 8 hours shifts, guarding for the results of a whole year of hard labor.

In the early hours of the morning or late in the afternoon, every man shows up at the fields, ready to harvest, trying to get away from the hot sun and catching the fresh breezes around the vineyards. That is the way they avoid a pre fermented grape in the trucks, before they arrive to the wineries.

When it comes to small producers, every activity is divided in sectors, trying to get one grape at a time. In the big wineries this is almost impossible, so they are working 24 hours a day, receiving grapes at any moment of the day, for 1 ½ to 3 months some times.

Argentina is ranked at the 8th place when it comes to wine producers in the world, and Mendoza produces around 70% of it. Malbec grape is the most planted grape in the country with 43% of all the grapes planted in Argentina.

The INV (National Wine Institute) regulates the periods in where the wineries are allowed to harvest, setting the beginning and the end of the Harvest season.

That is way the fall is such a unique season for Mendoza, because in a few months is where everything is decided, because everyone’s forces come together for a greater good and there is just one gold for all of them, make the best wine possible.