Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more information about your wine tours?

Our wine tours are focused in quality and excellence but from a relaxed angle, looking for a much more real experience than the one than has been offered so far. What we want to offer you is the possibility of meeting the people who is involved in Mendoza´s wine world: winemakers, winery owners and farm workers. Tours are guided by Peter, who’s been in the wine industry since 2001, studying, making and enjoying wine.

What types of wine tours do you offer?

We offer two kinds of tours: Private tours and small groups (up to 12 people).

Can you arrange for a private car and winery reservations? Will you book the wineries for me if I get a car?

Every tour organized by us includes a guide. We can provide all the information you need if what you want is to go on your own, but we definitely do not organize tours without a guide.

How many people are there on the tours?

Private tours only include you and your group. Small groups are not bigger than 12 people.

What if my party consists of only two people?

That’s not a problem. We’ll taste some wine a have a good time anyway ☺

Do I need to know a lot about wine?

Not at all.

What criteria do you use for choosing the wineries?

There are some specific wineries that we work with. We are not visiting big wineries, that’s just not our style. Boutique wineries are our favorite and we plan to keep it that way. You can check out the wineries we work with in our website.

Will I be able to choose the wineries? Can you take me to the wineries I want to visit?

If you choose to take our Luján or Uco Valley tours, then we will select the wineries based on our own experience. If you go for the custom tour, then yes, you are the one picking the wineries.

How many wines will I be tasting?

Between 4 and 6 wines in every winery, an average of 15 wines in total.

Can I buy bottles at the wineries we visit? Do they ship it?

Of course you can buy wine. If you do, we’ll make sure to give every possible alternative for shipping it home.

Are there tours available on Sundays?

As long as there is wine in the wineries, we are touring.

Can you pick me up from the hotel?

Yes we do. All transportation from and to accommodation is provided by us.

What kind of transport do you work with?

For two people tours we use private drivers and private cars, for more than two people we use top class vans.

How far away are the wineries?

The closest wineries are situated in Luján de Cuyo and Maipú. Driving time is 20-30 minutes to the region and 10-25 minutes between each winery. The Valle de Uco Tour does have more driving time; the wineries are further south and much closer to the mountains. The first visit is approximately 60 min from Mendoza.

Do people get altitude sickness on the Uco Valley Wine Tours?

Not at all. Altitude sickness starts at 2500 meters above the sea level and Uco’s highest vineyards are at 1500 meters.

Do the wineries cater for vegetarians?

Yes, every winery provides its own vegetarian menu.

How do you handle people with special dietary restrictions?

That´s not a problem for us. Every winery we visit is very flexible when it comes to dietary restrictions.

Are children allowed to join the wine tours?

Children over 15 years old are welcome to come, but we have to respect the Argentine law so they can´t get any wine until they turn 18. If you are travelling with a child younger than 15 please let us know in advance.

Booking and payment process FAQ

How can I pay?

We accept cash and Paypal so far.

Is my deposit refundable?

We will if you cancel 3 days before the tour. For later cancellations the charge is 30% of the total tour price.