When the fierce heat of the summer starts to fade, Mendoza dresses in yellow, orange, red and green. Come to visit Mendoza’s autumn and lie over a mattress of leaves.

A fact that might surprise you is knowing that there are over 4.000.000 trees in Mendoza, and that without counting the native forests. The presence of this trees in the Province has become one of the most important issues for the local government.

Hundreds of wineries used extensive groves as a barrier against strong winds like Zonda Wind, a constant threat for the whole area especially in the spring, when grapes are still young and weak. Only in the city of Mendoza we can find over 1.400.000 trees spread around, purifying the air, fighting plagues and diseases.

San Martin Park deserves a chapter apart, since this is where the season shows its very true colors creating a unique setting for everyone who decides to visit it.

This is the reason why Mendoza dresses up in yellow in the fall, creating a peerless scenery for whoever walks around its streets, and is such admiration it provokes than a great deal of artists have written songs about it, songs that became a trademark for this city.