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About Peter

I’ve been around wine since I was a kid. My dad used to pour a drop of wine in my sparkling water when I was only 7 years old: a family tradition. When I was 16 my family opened a wine shop where I helped, learned about the business, sold bottles and got to know how the wine world works, while I was in University studying to become an Engineer.

At age 23, the family business went down and I got a job at The Vines of Mendoza, a top tasting room in downtown Mendoza. I became an expert in tasting and teaching how to taste, and of course I learned a lot about people’s reactions and passion for wine.

When I turned 25, I decided it was time for me to go to the source, so I quit my job, dropped out of University and flew to Spain. After working as a sommelier in Barcelona and Andorra, I realized that my path was related to wine in one way or another; so I came back to Mendoza and I got into University to become a Winemaker.

Since then, I’ve worked in two boutique wineries making wine, receiving people and teaching them about this wonderful world. I’ve been in the wine industry for over 14 years, in every single way. I sold wine, I taught how to taste it, I made wine and fell in love with it.

I realize now it is time for me to do what I do best: sharing knowledge and good times with whoever wants to learn what wine is all about, and not just wine, but Mendoza’s wine world.

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